Waffen-SS service Tunics and Greatcoats

Waffen SS Officer's Tunic
A-06: Waffen-SS Officer's Gabardine Tunic, M1935: $249

Waffen-SS Officer’s Tunic in gabardine material. 
100% Reproduction.
You may change or upgrade the rank for an additional charge. 
Other hand-embroidered cuff titles are available. 
The collar is 100% dark green cashmere wool for Waffen-SS.
Price includes Collar tabs, SS officers shoulder boards, sleeve eagle, pebble buttons, 
medal loops on the chest pocket. All of the above items are sewn on properly.
The shoulder board can be sewn in the shoulder inseam for an additional charge of $20.

Optional items:

‘Adolf Hitler’ officers cuff title
LAH ciphers(2), cloth monograms         $8/pr.
LAH ciphers(2), metal monograms, gold    $10/pr.

Aiguillettes, metallic silver          $39
Aiguillettes, white cotton           $29

Shoulder boards to be sewn into seam    $20

Dagger hanger (clip) $19.50

SS officers Leather belt and buckle
P-08 (Luger) holster, hard shell
Medals & Badges

EK2 ribbon around button hole           $1.90/sewn
SS officer's visor hat                  Click Here
For more collar tabs, click here.
Matching Breeches (riding pants)

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