Waffen-SS service Tunics and Greatcoats

Waffen SS Wool Tunic
A-03: M1943 Waffen-SS Wool Tunic

Model1943 German wool tunic.
The SS collar tabs, sleeve eagle and slip-on type shoulder straps are included.
You may change the skull collar tabs to SS runes for other SS divisions.
You may upgrade the rank to any NCO for an additional charge.

Price: M-$169    L-$169    XL-$169    XXL:$169

Optional items:

Upgrade to NCO                        $20
Cuff title, sewn on                     $15
Cuff titles, EM/NCO                    $15

Embroidered LAH regimental ciphers* (2) on shoulder straps---$8/pair
Metal LAH regimental ciphers* (2) on shoulder straps---$10/pair
Embroidered LAH straps----$15

Rank Chevron, sewn on $8

Belt supporting ramps (2)             $4.90/pair
EK2 Medal ribbon-buttonhole           $1.90
Badges and medals (click here)
Collar insert, washable, detachabl    $5.90

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