Waffen-SS service Tunics and Greatcoats

Waffen SS Wool Tunic
A-04: M1944 Waffen-SS Wool Tunic

Model1944 German wool tunic. A-04.
The SS collar tabs, sleeve eagle and slip-on type shoulder straps are included.
You may upgrade the rank to any NCO for an additional charge.

Size-price: M-$169    L-$169    XL-$169    XXL:$169

Optional items:

Upgrade to NCO                         from $25
Cuff titles, EM/NCO                              $15

Embroidered LAH regimental ciphers* (2) on shoulder straps---$8/pair
Metal LAH regimental ciphers* (2) on shoulder straps---$10/pair
Embroidered LAH straps----$15

Rank Chevron, sewn on                  $8
Belt supporting ramps (2)              $4.90/pair
EK2 Medal ribbon-buttonhole            $1.90
Badges and medals (click here)
Collar insert, washable, detachable   $5.90 

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