Waffen-SS service Tunics and Greatcoat

Officer's Black Tunic
A-08: M32 SS Officers Black Tunic

M-$199    L-$199    XL-$210    XXL-$210

Authentic SS officer’s black walking-out tunic. Fully lined with satin. 
3mm aluminum "Gimp cord" is sewn around collar.
100% exact copy of original German black uniform. French cuffs. Fully lined with black satin. 
1 inside pocket and 2 inside pouches.
Price includes SS officers collar tabs, single shoulder board on right shoulder, 
pebble buttons, Medal loops on the chest pocket.

SS generals ranks are also available with additional charge. All of the above items are sewn on properly.

Optional items:
K-01c: SS Black breeches (riding pants)   $119
Pants suspenders $14
Cuff titles
SS officers sleeve eagle, machine embroidered     $9
Black SS officers peaked hat (click here)
Black M35 steel helmet (click here)
Dagger hanger (clip)                            $24.50

Aiguillette                                             $29
SS officer's Armband                             $15
SS black leather belt and buckle (click here)
"SD" Sleeve diamond                            $12
Iron Cross, 1st class (click here)
1933 Party Badge                                 $9
1914 EK2 ribbon around buttonhole     $ 2.90/sewn on

A. SS Lieutenant                      B. SS Major-Colonel                C. SS General

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