Waffen-SS service Tunics and Greatcoats

SS-SD (SS Security Police) Officer's Tunic
A-125: SS-SD (SS Security Police) officer's tunic

Brief History: The SS-Sicherheits Dienst (SS-SD) was created as the SS counter-espionage service in June 1931, and was charged with the responsibility of insuring the maintenance of national security. It was subordinate directly to the SS High Command. Power of the SD were considerably increased when Hitler decreed on 17 June 1936 that the SS assume total control of the German Police. 
The right collar of SD was blank while the left collar insignia displayed the wearer’s SS rank. No tress for SD NCO.

M:$179,   L:$189,   XL:$199,   XXL:$199

Following items are included:
1) SD officers collar tabs
2) Sleeve eagle, machine embroidered
3) shoulder boards

Optional items:
"SD" sleeve diamond, sewn on--------$15
Upgrade machine-embroidered eagle to bullion eagle-----$8
cuff titles
SS officers leather belt and belt buckle
Medals & Badges
For more options for collar tabs and different ranks, click here.
Medal ribbons around buttonhole----------$ 1.90/each-sewn

A-12: SS-SD Generals Wool Tunic
Tunic comes with pre 1942 collar tabs, shoulder boards and SS sleeve eagle.
Medals, awards, belt, "SD" sleeve diamond ($15) and cuff titles are optional.
Upgrade machine-embroidered eagle to bullion eagle-----$8

M: $215    L: $239    XL: $239

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