Waffen-SS service Tunics and Greatcoats

Waffen SS General's Tunic
A-11: Waffen-SS Generals Tunic: $269
K-01b: Waffen-SS general's breeches (white stripes): $185

Waffen-SS generalís tunic was copied after SS-Obergruppenfuhrer. 

This Model 1936 German Tunic includes following items: SS generalís shoulder boards (gray underlay for SS Gen.), hand embroidered bullion collar taps, sleeve eagle, and pebble buttons. 
Our General's gabardine tunics are 100% Reproduction.
We use Italian made top quality gabardine.
B&W photo: Theodor Eicke.
Price includes Waffen-SS collar tabs, shoulder boards, SS Sleeve eagle, pebble buttons and medal loops on the chest pocket. 
All of the above items are sewn properly.

Optional items:
More cuff titles
SS generals leather belt and belt buckle
Medals & Badges
For more options for collar tabs and different ranks, click here.
EK2 Medal ribbon around button hole: $ 1.90 (sewn)
Russian front ribbon around button hole: $ 2.90 (sewn)

K-01b: SS general's breeches (light gray stripes): $185
Optional item: pants suspenders----$14

A-12: Waffen-SS Generals Wool Tunic: $255

Tunic comes with pre 1942 collar tabs, shoulder boards and SS sleeve eagle.
Optional items: Medals, awards, belt, "SD" sleeve diamond ($15) and cuff titles.

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