Waffen-SS service Tunics and Greatcoats

Polizei Officer's Tunic, 4th SS Division
A-09: Polizei Officer’s Tunic, 4th SS Division

M36 German tunic w/ dark Green collar, which is made of 100% cashmere wool.
When police officers and NCOs arrived for duty with the police division, they were still wearing police uniform with dark green collar. Members who serving in the Polizei Division were authorized to wear the runes embroidered in metallic thread on black wool backing on the left side below the pocket. 
The following items are included. 
  • SS runes on the below the left chest pocket,
  • shoulder boards w/ police green underlay,
  • collar Tabs w/ police green center stripes,
  • pebbled buttons,
  • sleeve eagle.

    Polizei Officer’s Tunic, 4th SS Division: Size-price
    S: $169,   M: $169,   L: $169,   XL: $185,   XXL: $199

    Optional items:
    ‘SS-Polizei Division’ cuff title       $19
    SS officers Leather belt
    Iron Cross, 1st class          see Medals & Badges
    Anti-partisan badge           see Medals & Badges
    Wound badge                    see Medals & Badges
    Close Combat Badge         see Medals & Badges
    War merit ribbon               $2.50/sewn on

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