Waffen-SS service Tunics and Greatcoats

Waffen-SS Officer's Wool Tunic
A-07: M35 Waffen-SS officer's Wool tunic: $239

Model 1936 Waffen-SS officers wool tunic. 100% Reproduction. 
Top quality melton wool (over 90% wool content). 
Fully lined with artificial silk. The collar is dark green cashmere wool. Condition: new. 
Loaded with SS officers bullion collar tabs, shoulder boards and SS sleeve eagle. 
The collar tabs and sleeve eagle are sewn on. You may choose any Waffen-SS officers rank.
The price includes SS officers collar tabs, Shoulder boards and sleeve eagle. 
The belt, cuff titles, medals (awards), aiguillettes and holsters are optional.

Optional items:
Matching wool breeches (riding pants)    $135
Pants suspenders                                   $12
Shoulder boards to be sewn into seam     $20
Dagger hanger (clip)                              $19.50
LAH ciphers in gold finish, metal (2)       $10/pair
Officer's Leather belt (click here)
SS officers wool peaked cap (visor hat)
Aiguillettes, mylar                                   $29
EK2 ribbon around button hole            $ 1.90/sewn
p-08 (Luger) Holster (click here)
Collar insert, washable                         $ 5.90
Medals & Badges (click)

Cuff Titles
Cuff titles, Officers, sewn on (click)

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