Tropical Uniforms

Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic
D-06a: Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic

WWII German Luftwaffe officers tropical tunic. Light khaki cotton twill.
Shoulder boards, collar tabs, Hand-embroidered bullion Chest eagle are included.
Other LW officers/generals ranks are available.
The badges, battle shield, cuff band, belt and holster can be purchased separately.

price: $145

Optional items:
Battle arm shield, KRIM          $25/sewn on
German Cross, cloth type      $25
Cuff band, "KRETA"               $25/sewn on
Iron Cross, 1st Class            $15
Wound Badge                      $15
EK2 Medal ribbon-buttonhole   $1.90
Tropical pants, Khaki            $89

Luftwaffe Tropical Pants
K-02d: HBT tropical pants in reed green color ($89)       K-02e: Tropical pants in Khaki ($89)

Pants size: 33w-34w, 35w-36w, 37w-38w, 40w
elastic pants suspenders----$8.90
M44 Trouser belt---------------$15.50

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