Leather/Canvas Personal Gear/Boots

Belts and Sling
Please state your waist size when you order the belts.

J-01A: SS officer's leather belt and belt buckle: $50
J-01AA: SS officer's belt buckle and catch only (without leather belt): $20
J-01AB: SS officer's leather belt and 2 loops (without belt buckle): $35

J-01B: Army officers/generals leather belt and buckle, black leather: $42
J-01BB: Army officers/generals leather belt and buckle, brown leather: $42

J-01C: Waffen-SS EM / NCO leather belt and buckle: $49
(Please state your waist size)

J-02A: K98 rifle sling: $29

J-02B: Luger holster, black leather, Hard shell: $46
J-02BB: Luger holster, brown leather, Hard shell: $46>>sold out

J-02C: PPK holster: $15 (Brown leather only)

J-02D: German Map Case, WWII: $40
pebble-finished black leather, adjustable straps

Kar98 triple ammo pouch: $25/each. $48/pair(2)

J-02F: MG34 tool pouches: $35 (black leather)
J-02G: MG34 tool pouches: $35 (natural leather)

German MG34 tool box. Made with top quality, heavy-duty leather in black finish. Complete with correct hardwares: studs, inner metal plate, D-Ring, inner metal catcher. 100% hand stitched. This simple looking leather pouch is made of over 30 pieces of different materials. Size: 6 x 7 x 2 ?inches.

Jack Boots
J-02H: Enlisted Man Jack Boots with hob nails: $99
J-02J: Officer's Leather Long Boots with hob nails: $109

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