Waffen-SS Camo Uniforms

Blurred-edge Tunic
B-08a: Blurred-edge Green camo Tunic
B-09a: Blurred-edge Brown camo Tunic

S-$145,    M-$145,    L-$150,    XL-$150

Four pocket Waffen-SS camouflaged field jacket. (Waffen-Tarnungs Feld Dienst jacke mit vier taschen) Blurred edge camo. Double side printed but NOT reversible. Enforced armholes. First aid pouch, button closer sleeves, keyhole style button holes. There are so many details that I could not list all of them. Made with 100% cotton twill. Over 50 pieces are put together with cotton thread to become a masterpiece. New condition. 100% Reproduction.
Available in brown (B-08a) and green (B-09a). We will load the picture of the Burred edge brown tunic ASAP. Made in USA.

Optional items:
Belt supporting ramps (2)     $4.50/pr.
SS sleeve eagle, sewn on      $8
Rank patch for camo tunic     $8 

Blurred-edge Camo Pants
B-8b: Blurred-edge green camo Pants ($105)
B-9b: Blurred-edge brown camo Pants ($105)
B-9c: Blurred-edge orange camo Pants ($105)

Pants suspenders: $13.90

Pants size: 33W-34W,    35W-36W,    37W-38W,    40W

Blurred-edge Orange Camo Pants
B-09c: Blurred-edge Orange camo Pants: $105

Pants suspenders: $13.90
Pants size: 33W-34W,    35W-36W,    37W-38W,    40W

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