Waffen-SS Camo Uniforms

M44 Dot Jacket, no insignia
B-01: M44 Dot Jacket, no insignia

Price for the Dot jacket with pebble buttons only.
M44 Dot Jacket, no insignia: size-price
S-$145,    M-$145,    L-$145,    XL-$145

1944 HBT (Herringbone Twill) camouflage jacket. Dot 44, ‘pea-pattern’ Camo. Reproduction. Unused. 19mm pebble buttons are included. Note the inside pouch for First Aid Dressing. There are loops for the shoulder straps. Tunic only.
Y-Straps, leather                     $29
Belt keepers, leather (2)              $6/pair
Belt and belt buckle, Waffen-SS       $45
Belt and belt buckle, E German        $25
Belt supporting ramps (2)             $4.90/pair

B-05: M44 Dot Pants

32W-34W: $95,    35W-37W: $95,    38W-40W: $95
Pants suspenders: $14

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