Waffen-SS Camo Uniforms

Waffen-SS Camo Uniforms
B-01: M44 Dot Jacket, no insignia
B-02: M44 Dot jacket, LAH officer
B-03: M44 Dot jacket, LAH EM
B-04: M44 Dot jacket, Totenkopf, EM
B-04a: M44 Dot pants
F-13e: M44 Dot Cap

B-06: Oak brown camo Tunics + Pants
B-07: Oak green camo Tunics + Pants

B-08: Blurred-edge green camo Tunics + Pants
B-09: Blurred-edge brown camo Tunics + Pants

B-05a,-05b: Oak green/brown camo Panzer wrappers
B-05c,-05d: Blurred edge green/brown camo Panzer Wrappers
B-05e: M44 Dot camo Panzer Wrappers
B-06a: SS officer's Tropical Wrapper

Pease see HATS (click) for the SS camo hats.

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