Waffen-SS Camo Uniforms

Important Information
Oak-brown camo Tunic: B-06a
Oak-brown camo Pants: B-06b
Oak-green camo Tunic: B-07a
Oak-green camo Pants: B-07b

Four pocket Waffen-SS camouflaged field jacket. (Waffen-Tarnungs Feld Dienst jacke mit vier taschen) Oak-brown camo. Double side printed but NOT reversible. Enforced armholes. First aid pouch, button closer sleeves, keyhole style button holes. There are so many details that I could not list all of them. Made with 100% cotton twill. Over 50 pieces are put together with cotton thread to become a masterpiece. New condition. 100% Reproduction.

Oak Camo Tunics
Available in Oak brown (B-06a) and Oak green (B-07a).

Tunic size-price
M-$145,    L-$149,    XL-$149

Optional items:
Belt supporting ramps (2)       $4.90/pr.
SS sleeve eagle, sewn on        $8

B-06a: Oak-brown camo tunic

B-07a: Oak-green camo Tunic

Oak-brown Camo Pants
B-06b: Oak-brown camo pants: $105
B-07b: Oak-green camo pants: $105

Pants size: 33W-34W, 35W-36W, 37W-38W, 40W

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