Wehrmacht (Army) Tunics

Army General's Tunic, M1935
C-06: Army General's Tunic, M1935: $275
Army General's Tunic, M1935: size-price  (add $35 for Field marshal tunic)
100% reproduction from top quality gabardine made in Italy. 

Following items are included to the generals tunic.
1. breast eagle, machine embroidered in golden metallic thread.
2. HAND-embroidered bullion collar tabs.
3. General's shoulder boards w/ red underlay.
4. gold plated Pebbled buttons.

C-06a: Army Field Marshal's Tunic, M1935: $310
You may upgrade it to Army field marshal for an additional payment of $35.
  - FM silver Crossed batons will be added to the shoulder boards.
  - FM collar tabs will be used.

K-02a: Army general's breeches (with red stripes): $189
Price includes Army Collar tabs, shoulder boards, generals breast eagle, 
gold pleated pebble buttons and medal loops on the chest pocket. 
All of the above items are sewn on properly.

Optional items:
Badges (click)
Leather belt (click: Leather products)
PPK holster, brown leather            $15
Medal ribbon around button hole   $ 1.90/each-sewn on
K-02a: Army Generals breeches     $199

K-02a: Army general's breeches (red stripes): $199
Mouse-gray gabardine breeches with red Lampassen stripes.

Army General's Greatcoat
C-07a: Army general's greatcoat: $299
Breathtaking quality Army generals greatcoat made with Italian made top quality gabardine.
Army general's shoulder boards and dagger hanger are sold separately.

Optional items:
Army generals shoulder boards: $25 (installed)
Dagger hanger (clip) $19.50

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