Wehrmacht (Army) Tunics

Feldgendarmerie Tunic, M1940
C-08: Feldgendarmerie Tunic, M1940

Army Field Police (Feldgendarmerie des Heers) were formed at the time of German mobilization in 1939. 
The Army recruited experienced police officers from the civil Gendarmerie. 
They directed and controlled traffic, checked the papers of troops in transit, collected documents and intelligence from prisoners, conducted anti-partisan operations, apprehended deserters, and generally maintained order and discipline. 
Price includes Army Collar tabs, shoulder boards, Field police eagle and medal loops on the chest pocket. 
All of the above items are sewn on properly.

S: $155,    M: $155,    L: $179,    XL: $185

Optional items:
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G-06b: Gorget (Ringkragen)                                $55
PPK holster, brown leather, used                        $15
Collar insert                                                       $3.90
Belt supporting Hooks (2)                           $4.90/pair
Medal ribbon around button hole                      $1.90

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