Wehrmacht Tunics

Important Information
Price includes Collar tabs, Shoulder boards (or Straps), Army breast eagle, Pebble buttons, Medal loops on the chest pocket. All of the above items are sewn on properly.

Size Conversion Chart

medium  (M)     US40-41   German48
large   (L)     US42-43   German52
Xlarge  (XL)    US44-45   German56
XXlarge (XXL)   US46-48   German60

Wehrmacht (Army) Tunics
C-01: M1936 German Army Officer's Tunic
C-02: M1940 NCO Wool Tunic, Gro▀deutschland
C-03: M1940 Army EM Wool Tunic
C-04: M1944 EM Wool Tunic
C-05: Gro▀deutschland, Officer's Tunic
C-06: Army Generals Tunic, M1935
C-06a: Army field marshal's tunic, M1935
C-07a: Army general's greatcoat, M1935

C-08: Feldgendarmerie Tunic

C-09: Camouflage: Army Splinter camo tunic

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