Wehrmacht (Army) Tunics

M1944 Army EM wool tunic
C-04: M1944 Army EM wool tunic
Model 1944 German enlisted man tunic. The removable "schulterstucke" (shoulder straps), collar patches, and pebbled buttons are included. Not an original item. Condition: unused. The Rank chevron (diamond pattern tress on dark green wool) is $8 (sewn). The lightning ‘Blitz’ on blue-green oval background on the upper left sleeve is $7 (sewn). Excellent for display or reenactment. There medal loops for 2 medals on the chest pocket. The ‘Blitz’ patch is for the Signal operator (Nachrichtenpersonal).

Price includes Collar tabs, Shoulder boards (or Straps), Army breast eagle, Pebble buttons, Medal loops on the chest pocket. All of the above items are sewn properly.

NCO Wool Tunic, Großdeutschland: size-price
M: $169    L: $169    XL: $179    XXL: $179

Optional items:
Upgrade to NCO                       from $20
‘Großdeutschland’ cuff title, BeVo   $19/sewn on
Rank Chevron + pip, sewn on          $15
EK2 ribbon around buttonhole         $ 1.90/sewn on
Russian Front ribbon                 $ 1.90/sewn on
Belt supporting ramps (2)            $4.90/pair
'Großdeutschland' ciphers for the shoulder straps
Badges and medals (click here)
Collar insert, washable, detachable  $5.90

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