Wehrmacht (Army) Tunics

Splinter camo field jacket, officer
C-09: Splinter camo field jacket, officer

Four pocket Heer camouflaged field jacket. (Heeres-Tarnungs Feld Dienst jacke mit vier taschen) Splinter camo. 
Made with 100% cotton twill. New condition. 100% Reproduction.
Chest eagle in light gray thread (subdued), collar tabs and officer's shoulder straps (2nd Lt.) are also included.

M-$175,    L-$175,    XL-$175,    XXL-$175

Optional items:

‘Großdeutschland’ cuff title           $19/sewn on
‘Großdeutschland’ regimental ciphers                $18/pair (metal)
Officer’s Leather belt                 Leather products
Badges (please click on)
EK2 ribbon                             $ 1.90
PPK holster                            $18
Russian Winter ribbon                  $ 1.90
Belt supporting ramps                  $ 4.90/pair
Splinter camo pants (B-10a)            $125
Pants suspenders                       $8.90
Splinter camo field cap                click

B-10a: Splinter Camo Pants: $125

Pants suspenders: $8.90

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