Tropical Uniforms

DAK Tropica Tunic & Pants
D-02a: DAK Tropical Tunic & D-02b: DAK Tropical Pants

Afrikakorps tunic. The light blue on mustard-colored machine woven, DAK "Bevo" breast eagle is precisely trimmed, edge folded, then machine sewn per German regulation. 
The slip-on type, gray shoulder straps w/ pips. The pebbled buttons are attached by rings.
Cotton twill Fabric. Condition: unused. Color: olive green. Medals and badge are extra.
Price includes DAK Collar tabs, shoulder straps, DAK Army breast eagle, Pebble buttons, Medal loops on the chest pocket. All of the above items are sewn properly.

DAK Tropical Tunic (#D-02a): $155 - any size
DAK tropical pants (#D-02b): $115
Pants suspenders: $8.90

Optional items:
‘AFRIKAKORPS’ sleeve band, Bevo:             $21 
     (sewn on Right sleeve)
‘AFRIKA + Palm’,sleeve band, machine embrd.: $15
     (sewn on RIGHT sleeve)
D-02b: Matching DAK pants:                   $115
Pants suspenders:                            $8.90
Ribbon around button hole:                   $ 1.90/sewn

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