Tropical Uniforms

Army Tropical Tunic, Reed green, HBT
D-01: Army Tropical Tunic, Reed green, HBT

M43 Heer (Army) tropical tunic. Reed green. Made with 100% HBT (Harring Bone Twill) cotton. 
New condition. 100% Reproduction. Collar tabs, Shoulder straps and medal ribbon are also included.
Price includes Heer EM collar tabs, Shoulder Straps, Army breast eagle, Pebble buttons, Medal loops on the chest pocket. All of the above items are sewn on properly. 
Belt supporting hooks (2), sleeve rank patch and medals are optional.

Army Tropical HBT Tunic: $145 (any size)

Optional items:
Belt supporting ramps (2)                   $4.90/pair
Ribbon around button hole                 $1.90/sewn on
Sleeve Rank patch (Obergefreiter)     $15/ sewn on
Iron Cross, 1st Class                          $15
General Assault Badge (50 action)      $17
Wound badge                                      $15
Cuff title, "Gro▀deutschland", sewn on  $15
"BeVo" cuff title                                    $21
M43 field caps (click)
Matching HBT pants                      $115
Canvas gaiters                          $18/pair

Tropical pants in reed green, HBT
K-02d: Tropical pants in reed green, HBT ($115)
Pants size: 33w-34w, 35w-36w, 37w-38w, 40w

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