Waffen-SS Camo Uniforms

SS Oak Green Camo Wrapper only
B-05a: SS Oak green camo wrapper only ($125)

SS Panzer camouflaged wrapper. Reproduction. Our camo wrapper is made with medium weight cotton fabric. Surcompany is directly involved with printing all of the camouflaged fabrics.
There is one inside pocket. Adjustable waist, button closer sleeves, enforced armholes.
We also have M44 Dot camo Panzer wrappers in stock.

Optional items:
SS sleeve eagle, sewn on: $9
Collar tabs
Shoulder boards
Cuff titles

SS Oak Brown Camo Wrapper only
B-05b: SS Oak brown camo wrapper only ($125)

optional items:
SS shoulder straps: $12/pair
LAH metal ciphers: $12/pair
SS Sleeve eagle: $9
Sleeve rank patch: $6
SS collar patch: $5
Cuff title, "Adolf Hitler": $15

SS Blurred-edge Camo Wrapper only
B-05c: SS Blurred-edge green camo wrapper only ($125)
B-05d: SS Blurred-edge brown camo wrapper only ($125)

Special rank patch for camo uniform----$12 (sewn on)

SS M44 Dot camo wapper only
B-05e: SS M44 Dot camo wapper only ($125)

SS Tropical Wrapper
E-06a: SS Tropical wrapper

German Tropical panzer wrapper with SS officer's collar tabs, 
shoulder boards w/ pink underlay, SS officers sleeve eagle. 
The wrapper is in washed olive color. Reproduction. 
Partially lined with artificial silk and hard wearing cotton. 1 inside pocket.

Price: $125 - any size

Optional items:

Cuff title (click)
EK2 Medal ribbon, sewn on             $ 1.90
Iron Cross
Belt supporting ramps (2)             $ 4.90/pair
SS officers belt and belt buckle (click)

*IF you choose Adolf Hitler (LAH) cuff title, the right collar tab will be changed to SS runes and 3 pips.

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