WWII German Steel Helmets

F-01: WWII German Steel Helmets
WWII German Steel helmet. 100% reproduction. Not Spanish helmet. Decals are sold separately and as set.

F-01a: Apple green: $109                        F-01b: SS Grey: $109
F-01c: DAK helmet: $109                         F-01d: Black SS: $115

F-01a: Apple green: $109

F-01c: DAK helmet: $109  

F-01d: Black SS: $115

Helmet Decals: $6.50
The decals will be applied with special glue.

F-01e: Army helmet decals            F-01f: SS helmet decals          
F-01g: DAK helmet decals              F-01h: Luftwaffe helmet decals

Helmet Covers
F-01j: SS Oak camo helmet cover: $35

F-01k: White helmet cover: $15

F-02: Luftwaffe M38 Steel Helmets
M38 German Paratroopers steel helmet. 100% reproduction.
F-02a: Paratroopers steel helmet ($139)
F-01h: Luftwaffe helmet decals ($6.50)

F-02b: Paratrooper helmet cover $29

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