Hats & Steel Helmets

Important Information
Dear customers, please let us know the actual measurement of you head in CM or inches. Reference the size conversion chart.

Size Conversion Chart

Euro 56cm - US 7
Euro 57cm - US 7 1/4
Euro 58cm - US 7 1/2
Euro 59cm - US 7 3/4
Euro 60cm - US 8
Euro 61cm - US 8 1/4
Euro 62cm - US 8 1/2

Hats & Steel Helmets
F-01: M35 Steel helmets
F-02: M38 Luftwaffe Steel helmets

F-03: Luftwaffe Visor Hats
F-04: Luftwaffe Field Caps

F-05: WH (Army), Officer's Peaked Caps
F-06: WH (Army), General's Peaked Caps

WH (Army), M1938 Side Caps

F-08: WH (Army), M43 Field Caps

F-09a: SS Officer’s Peaked Caps
F-09b: SS General's Peaked Cap
F-10a: Black SS Officer’s Peaked Caps

F-10b: Black SS General's Peaked Cap

SS M43 Field Cap

F-12: SS M43 Field caps (Camo)
F-13: SS Field Caps (side caps)

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