Luftwaffe Officer/General's Visor Hats
WWII German Luftwaffe visor hat. Hand embroidered bullion insignia. Blue gray blended wool. Black band with horizontal pattern. Woven aluminum piping. 100% Reproduction.

F-03a: Luftwaffe officers Visor Cap: $79
Size: 56, 57, 58, 59, 60cm

F-03b: Luftwaffe General's Visor Cap: $89
Size: 57, 58, 59, 60cm

F-03c: Luftwaffe officers Visor Cap (wool): $89
Size: 56, 57, 58, 59, 60cm

Luftwaffe M43 Field Hats
F-04*: Luftwaffe M43 Field caps

Our LW M43 field caps come with hand-embroidered bullion Luftwaffe cap eagles (not sewn on). 
EM/NCO eagle is made with cotton thread, while officers eagle is silver bullion.

F-04a: Splinter camo cap--------------------------$38

F-04b: Gray field cap, cotton, LW officers----------$40 (metallic piping, bullion cap eagle)
F-04bb: Gray field cap, cotton, EM/NCO------------$38 (no piping, cotton eagle)

Black LW Panzer officers cap, wool-----$39 (metallic silver piping, bullion eagle)
F-04cc: Black LW Panzer EM/NCO cap, wool--$37 (no piping, cotton eagle)

F-04d: Black LW Panzer officers cap, cotton-------$39 (EM/NCO),
F-04dd: Black LW Panzer EM/NCO cap, cotton----$37 (no piping, cotton eagle)

F-04e: LW officers Tropical cap----------------------$39 (officers, with bullion eagle and silver piping)
F-04ee:LW EM/NCO Tropical cap--------------------$37 (no piping, cotton eagle)

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