Army, M43 Field Cap (Einheitsfeldmutze M43)
Army, M43 Field Caps

The cap insignia is NOT included with M43 hats but can be sold separately.
We will sew them on the hats upon customers request. There is no sewing charge.
Please click the following link to view the available cap insignia.

H-5: Cap insignia (click)

Mountain Troops Edelweiss, embroidered patch ($7.50)
F-08d: Mountain Troops Edelweiss, 2-pc metal ($11.50)
F-08e: Jager patch, hand embroiderd ($9.90)

Model 1943 Field Cap. Feld Grau (Field-gray) wool. 

F-08a: Army EM/NCO's M43 wool Field Cap ($36)
Army officer's M43 wool Field Cap ($39)- picture shows officers cap.

F-08f: Army EM/NCO M43 Field Cap, Reed Green, HBT ($34)
M43 field cap (Einheitsfeldmutze M43) for summer or tropical weather. 
Made of top quality HBT (Herringbone Twill) cotton fabric in German reed-green color. 
While EM/NCO cap (F-08f) is lined with cotton. the officer's version (F-8g) has a sweat-absorbing band in a full circle and lined with heavy weight silk in dark green color. 
Silver piping on top for the officers version.
Please order insignia separately. 

F-08g: Army officer's M43 Field Cap, Reed Green, HBT ($45)


F-08k: Army general's M43 Field Cap ($42)
The hand-embroidered gold bullion cap eagle is included.

Army, M43 Field Cap, Splinter Camo
F-08m: Army M43 Field Cap, Splinter camo ($36)
F-08e: Jager patch, hand embroiderd ($9.90)

H-5: Cap insignia (click)

Panzer M43 Officer/EM/NCO Caps
F-11h: Black cotton, Panzer officers M43 Field Cap with leather sweat band ($40)
: Black wool, Panzer officers M43 Field Cap with leather sweat band ($40)

F-11k: Black cotton, Panzer EM/NCO M43 Field Cap ($35)
: Black wool, Panzer EM/NCO M43 Field Cap ($35)

The cap insignia (M43 Trapezoid) can be purchased separately.  
H-5: Cap insignia (click)  

F-08R: Army Panzer Generals M43 Field Cap ($39)
Model 1943 Panzer Field Cap for Army general. Black cotton with metallic gold piping. 
The hand-embroidered cap eagle can be added ad sewn for an additional payment of $5 if purchased with the hat.
2 vent holes. Reproduction.

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