Knight's Cross
G-01a: 3-piece construction Knight's Cross with Complete ribbon-----$39 + shipping
3 piece construction Knight's Cross + complete ribbon w/ hook & eye. Reproduction. 
Silver plated frame. No markings. The length of ribbon is approx. 19 inches. 
Please let us know the exact ribbon length. 
The 19" ribbon is included but can be sold separately for $7.90.
Oak Leaves and Swords is sold separately.
If purchased with Knight's Cross you pay only $4.50.

G-01b: OLS (Oak Leaves and Swords)------$8.50
If purchased with Knight's Cross: $4.90

19" Ribbon with hook & eye----------$7.90 (included with G-01a)
KC ribbon in custom length--------------------$9.90 (included with G-01a)

G-01d: A roll of ribbon for Knight's Cross, 100 meters (110 yards)--$85
G-01e: A roll of ribbon for Iron Cross 2nd class, 100 meters (110 yards)--$85

G-01f: The Blue Max with complete ribbon: $39
Instituted in 1740, these awards were originally made of gold, and later, silver-gilt0
Our top quality reproductions are the early pattern, with pie-shaped suspension from the period 1832-1915.
Featuring highly detailed eagles both front and back, and gold plating with blue enamel, medals measure 52mm, and are complete with correct style neck ribbon with hook and eye.

G-01g: OLS (Oak Leaves and Swords) in gold finish------$8.50
If purchased with Knight's Cross: $5.90

Iron Cross, 1st Class
G-01h: Iron Cross, 1st Class: $15
Iron Cross 1st Class. Silver plated frame. Coke bottle shape pin back. The center piece is painted with black.

General Assault Badge
G-01j: General Assault Badge, 50 Action: $14
We will not waste your time explaining how good quality these badges are. 5-piece construction.
Nickel plated front piece, silver ("50" action) or gold ("100" action) plated wreath, flat-wide pin w/ tension, pin holder, and hinge pin.
Solid hard metal.

General Assault Badge, 100 Action---$14

Infantry Assault Badge
G-01m: Infantry Assault Badge (matt, frosted silver): $15
G-01n: Infantry Assault Badge (bronze): $16

Infantry Assault badges. Breathtaking Super details- because we made the cast from scratch. The picture shows almost 140% enlarged view of the actual medals. Each badge is made of heavy-hard metal, has a pin flat-wide back just like original. Plated, not painted.


Ribbon Bars
G-01p: SS Ribon Bar: $30

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