Tank Destroyer Armbands
G-02a: Tank Destruction badge (Gold) $9.90
G-02b: Tank Destruction badge (Silver) $9.90

Sewing charge: $7/patch

This award was issued to military personnel for the destruction of enemy armored vehicles. It was originated in March of 1942 and was worn on the upper right sleeve. The badge with silver band was awarded for destroying one vehicle and up to 4 of these band could be worn at one time.
The gold band badge was for the destruction of five vehicles.
Silver band for destruction of 1 vehicle, Gold band for destruction of 5 vehicles.

1939 Wound Badges
G-03a: 1939 Wound Badge (Black)...$15
G-03b: 1939 Wound Badge (Silver)...$14
G-03c: 1939 Wound Badge (Gold)...$14

Exquisite quality medals with superb details. Reproductions. 
Each badge is made of heavy-hard metal. Coke bottle shape flat-wide a pin back just like original.
Available in black, silver and gold finish.

G-04a: 1933 Party Commemorative badge: $9.50

1944 Wound Badges
G-05a: 1944 Wound Badge (Silver): $13
G-05b: 1944 Wound Badge (Gold): $13

Historical badges. Wound Badge with Hitler's signature. Dated 20, Juli 1944. Each badge is made of heavy-hard metal. Coke bottle shape flat-wide a pin back just like original. Available in silver and gold finish.

Close Combat Clasps
G-06a: Close Combat Clasp (Gold): $14
G-06b: Close Combat Clasp (Bronze): $14
G-06c: Close Combat Clasp (Silver): $14

Set of 3 badges: $39

The Army Close Combat Badge was primarily awarded to Infantry personnel, however, other military personnel could win the award under certain conditions. The badge is made of heavy metal, has a pin back just like original. It was worn above the left breast pocket. To win this award in silver finish, personnel must have fought against the enemy forces in close combat at least 30 days. It was originated in November of 1942. Superb quality reproduction.

Anti-Partisan Badges
G-06d: Anti-partisan Badges (Gold): $14
G-06e: Anti-partisan Badges (Bronze): $14
G-06f: Anti-partisan Badges (Silver): $14

Set of 3 badges: $39

Breath taking quality anti-partisan badges with flat-wide pins. Reproductions.
Made in Belgium. Size: 2 ? x 2" (each badge).
They are plated, not painted. Made of very heavy and hard metal.
These medals are not just historical items but also some "Piece of art work". Available in gold, bronze and silver.

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