G-08a: Gorget, Heer Feldgendarmerie ($49)
The Gorget of the German Army Military Police. 
There are two hangers for holding the chain hanger and a retaining prongs to slip into the uniform buttonhole. A dull aluminum paint covers the plate itself which does not glow in the dark. Field gray wool cloth backing.

G-08a: GD ciphers, antique silver ($10/pair)
G-08b: GD ciphers, gold ($10/pair)

G-08c: LAH ciphers, dull silver ($10/pair)

G-08d: LAH ciphers, gold ($10/pair)

German Crosses
G-07c: German Cross, white ($19)
G-07d: German Cross, fieldgray ($19)
G-07e: German Cross, black ($19)
G-07f: German Cross, DAK ($19)
G-07g: German Cross, Luftwaffe blue ($19)

Battle Shield-KRIM
G-08e: Battle shield-KRIM ($28)

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