Important Information
All badges are made as close to the originals as possible.

In the description, 'Silver' means 'silver finish', 'Gold' means 'gold finish'.

Medals / Badges / Gorgets / Ciphers / Battle Shields
G-01a: Knight's Cross w/ complete ribbon
G-01f: The Blue Max
G-01h: Iron Cross - 1st Class
G-01i: Iron Cross - 2nd Class (limited quantity)
G-01j,-01k: General Assault Badges
G-01m,-01n,-01p: Infantry Assault Badges
G-01q-01r,-01s: ribbon bar

G-02a,-02b: Tank Destruction Badges
G-03a-03b,-03c: 1939 Wound Badges
G-04a: 1933 Party Commemorative badge
G-05d,-05e: 1944 Wound Badges with Hitler's signature
G-06a,-06b,-06c: Close Combat Clasps
G-06d,-06e,-06f: Anti-partisan Badges

G-08: Field Policei Gorgets
G-08a-08b: GD ciphers
G-08c,-08b: LAH ciphers
G-07: German Cross (Sunburst) in 5 different styles
G-08e: Battle Shield- KRIM

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