Cloth Insignia

SS Officer/General's Collar Tabs
Surcompany's bullion collar tabs feature meticulous, hand-embroidery work that rivals some of the best originals. They are made using the correct aluminum-silver bullion thread and then properly mounted on a staff canvas backing, complete with the proper aluminum-silver twist piping. Rank pips (H-03b) are $1.00/ each.

SS Braded rank bar for Obersturmfuhrer, Hauptstrumfuhrer Obersturmbannfuhrer is also available. 
H-03a: $0.90 (3", not installed on the tab) 
H-03aa: $1.80 (3", when installed and sewn on the tab) 

H-03b: rank pip in Silver ($1.50/each). Silver color metal.
H-03c: rank pip in Gold ($1.50/each). Gold color metal pips for officers shoulder boards.

H-13f: SS Runes for Waffen-SS officers: ($9.50/pair).
Hand embroidered, bullion collar tabs.

Rank bar and pip requirement for SS officers ranks: 

The price for rank bars and pips only, when they 
Unterstrumfuhrer (2nd Lt.): No rank bar, 3 pips ($1.50 x 3 pips = $4.50). Total= $4.50
Oberstrumfuhrer (1st Lt.): 1 rank bar ($0.90 x 1 = $0.90) and 3 pips ($1.50 x 3 pips = $4.50). Total= $5.40
Hauptstrumfuhrer (Capt.): 2 rank bars ($0.90 x 2 = $1.80) and 3 pips ($1.50 x 3 pips = $4.50). Total= $6.30
Strumbannfuhrer (Maj.): No rank bar, 4 pips ($1.50 x 4 pips = $6.00). Total= $6.00
Oberstrumbannfuhrer (Lt. Col): 1 rank bar ($0.90 x 1 = $0.90) and 4 pips ($1.50 x 4 = $6.00). Total= $6.90

H-03d: Prinz Eugen officers collar tabs ($10.50/pair)
Hand embroidered, bullion collar tabs.

AA. H-13aa: SS Reichsfuhrer: $18.90              G. H-13g: Totenkopf, horizontal: $10.50
A. H-13a: SS Brigadefuhrer: $13.90               H. H-13h: Double skull, horizontal: $13.50
B. H-13b: SS Gruppenfuhrer: $14.50               J. H-13j: Totenkopf, vertical: $10.50
C. H-13c: SS Obergruppenfuhrer: $15.50           K. H-13k: Totenkopf, double vertical: $13.50
D. H-13d: SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer: $16.50         L. H-13L: SS-SD (SS security police), blank tabs: $7.00
E. H-13e: SS Generals, pre 1942: $12.90        
F. H-13f: SS Runes+ blank: $9.90

Army Collar Tabs
H-13m: Army Generals collar tabs ($23.50/pair)
Hand embroidered with gold bullion.

H-13n: Army Fiels Marshals collar tabs ($26.50/pair)
Hand embroidered with gold bullion.

H-13p: Army officers collar tabs ($19.90/pair).
Hand embroidered silver bullion


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