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Surcompany's cuff tiles are available in three different qualities: Bullion, machine embroidered and BeVo.

Bullion cuff titles ($18): Hand embroidered, officers quality, with genuine aluminum silver bullion thread on a black woven cotton in brick pattern with fine aluminum silver border wire.

Machine embroidered: Machine embroidered, with metallic silver (officer-$15) or rayon (EM, NCO-$15) thread on a cotton or wool band.

BeVo: BeVo was the name of German embroidery company, which manufactured cuff titles and other patches in large volume. Surcompany's BeVo cuff bands are manufactured on original Nazi period machinery using original pattern. ($15)

SS Cuff Titles
SS Cuff Titles
Example: Adolf Hitler cuff title in aluminum thread, bullion, hand embroidered is H-04a-a.

Item #
replace * with a, b or c
Cuff Title aluminum thread, bullion, hand embroidered ($18)
metallic silver thread, machine embroidered ($15)
gray rayon thread, machine embroidered ($15)
H-04a-* Adolf Hitler
H-04b-* Totenkopf
H-04c-* Totenkopf (skull)
H-04d-* Das Reich N/A
H-04e-* Deutschland N/A
H-04f-* Der Fuhrer N/A
H-04g-* Hitlerjugend N/A
H-04h-* Hohenstaufen N/A
H-04i-* Reinhard Heydrich N/A
H-04j-* SS-Polizei Division N/A
H-04k-* Wiking N/A
H-04m-* Prinz Eugen N/A

Heer, Afrikakorps, Luftwaffe Cuff Titles
Heer Cuff Titles Afrikakorps Cuff Titles Luftwaffe Cuff Titles

Item # replace * with a, b, c or d Cuff Title aluminum thread, bullion, hand embroidered ($18)
metallic silver thread, machine-embroiderd ($15)
gray rayon thread, machine-embroidered ($15)
BeVo ($15)
H-14a-* Gro▀deutschland N/A
H-14b-* AFRIKA, Palm trees, sand N/A N/A N/A
H-14c-* AFRIKA, Palm trees, green N/A N/A N/A
H-14d-* Afrikakorps N/A N/A N/A
H-14e-* Fallschrim-Jager Rgt.1 N/A N/A
H-14f-* Herman Goring N/A N/A

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