Cloth Insignia

Sleeve Eagles, SS
H-02a: SS EM, ‘Bevo’ sleeve eagle--------------$8.50
‘Bevo’. Embroidered with extremely fine thread just as original.

H-02b: SS EM/NCO, machine embroidered-------------$8.50
Machine embroidered with light gray rayon thread on black wool backing.

H-02c: SS Officer/General's, metallic silver--------------$9.50
Machine embroidered with metallic silver thread on black wool backing.

H-02d: SS Officers/Generals, metallic silver, BULLION-----$14
Hand embroidered with metallic silver wire. Very fine quality.

H-02e: SS Officers/Generals, aluminum silver, BULLION-----$16
Hand embroidered with solid aluminum wire. Masterpiece.

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