Cloth Insignia

Cap Insignia for M43 Field Caps
The cap skulls, eagles, Trapezoids are NOT included with M43 hat but can be sold separately.
We will sew them on the hats upon customers request. 

Sewing charge will be applied for Bevo patches.

Our machine-embroidered skull patches are embroidered with over 400 stitches and 
eagle patches are embroidered with over 600 stitches. 

H-05a: SS EM cap skull, machine embroidered: $4.50 (sewing included)
H-05b: SS EM cap eagle, machine embroidered: $4.90 (sewing included)

H-05c: SS officer's cap skull, machine embroidered, metallic silver thread: $4.50 (sewing included)
H-05d: SS officer's cap eagle, machine embroidered, metallic silver thread: $5.90 (sewing included)

H-05e: SS metal cap skull: $9.50
H-05f: SS metal cap eagle: $9.50

Sewing charge for Bevo patches
Bevo patches must be trimmed, folded, ironed then sewn on the hats.
sewing charge for Bevo patch is $5 per piece. 

H-05g: SS EM/NCO's Panzer Trapezoid, Bevo: $5.90
H-05h: SS officer's Panzer
Trapezoid, Bevo: $5.90

H-05j: Bevo gray skull: $4.90
H-05k: Bevo
gray eagle
: $4.90

H-05M: Bevo Spring Green skull: $4.90
H-05N: Bevo Spring Green eagle
: $4.90

H-05P: Bevo Autumn Brown: $4.90
H-05Q: Bevo Autumn Brown
: $4.90

H-06-A: Bevo Trapezoid, most common type: $3.50
H-06-B: Bevo Trapezoid, subduded
: $5.50



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